Northview Splashpad


100 Randolph Plaza, next to the UC Public Library
April - October  Open Daily   Hours: 10 AM to 8 PM

The Northview Park is open and pavilions are available for reservations.

Click here to reserve a pavilion

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Q: Is the Splashpad open everyday?

A: YES! The Splashpad is open daily, starting tentatively in April and through October from 10am to 8pm.

Q: Is the Splashpad free to use?

A: YES! The Splashpad is a feature of the Universal City Northview Park and open to the public. Please take care of it.

Q: The water is not on, is it closed?

A: The water features are on a timer and need to be activated by pressing one of the three activators around the Splashpad. The activators will not work outside the operating hours. Please call Public Works for assistance if the Splashpad is not working during operating hours. 210-658-5364

Q: Can I have a birthday party at the Splashpad?

A: You are welcome to have a party in the park, by reserving a pavilion, but can not reserve any space inside the Splashpad area. The area under the blue shade covers are open to the public and cannot be reserved for parties. Three Pavilions are ready and available for reservations. Pavilions A or B will hold up to about 25 people and pavilion C will hold up to about 100 people.

Q: Can I take food to the Splashpad?

A: Yes! Just like a trip to the park, you are welcome to bring your own food. Please remember that no food or beverages are allowed within 6 feet of the Splashpad.

Q: Is there shade?

A: The Splashpad features 2 areas covered by a blue shade cover. This area is open to the public on a first come, first serve basis and cannot be reserved.

Q: Where is the Splashpad?

A: The Splashpad is located at the Northview Park, 100 Randolph Plaza, next to the Public Library.

Q: Where do I park?

A: There is a parking lot adjacent to the park. If no parking is available, you may park in the Library parking lot. Please refrain from cutting through and parking in neighboring business' parking lots.

Q: Are there restrooms?

A: Yes. There is a male and female restrooms available in the park and changing rooms. Please refrain from using the restrooms in the Library. No one in wet clothes/swimsuits will be allowed in the Library.

Q: Are there pavilions to rent for parties?

A: Yes. There are 2 small and 1 large pavilion available for reservations. 


Located at Northview Park, next to the UC Library, the Splashpad in Universal City will include 16 water features spread throughout a 4,000 sq. ft. pad painted with shades of blue and green lily pads.

The UC design team collaborated with Vortex Aquatic Structures Inc. to come up with a new and innovative design meant to not only get patrons wet, but to also engage children in social play. The features are grouped into three levels; Toddler Bay, Family Bay, and Teen Bay.

The Toddler Bay features gentle ground sprays and low flow water features such as a frog, turtle, and butterfly that spray water in various directions. There are also water jets that spray directly from the ground creating a fun run through for kids. The highlight of the Family Bay is the 23 ft. tall spider which features four different water effects. When kids visit the Teen Bay, they will find the SuperWave, Luna Cannons and Helio ball. The SuperWave sits in the center of the pad and promises to soak visitors that stand below the 15-gallon reservoirs. The three water reservoirs rotate on a spinning wheel equaling big splashes more often than a one-time dump bucket found at most splashpads.

Colorful pieces from the Vortex Explora line will be spread throughout the splashpad encouraging interactive play. Kids can control the direction of water jets making water spin and swirl.

Each bay will have a designated button which will activate those water features in a timed rotation. This will allow for visitors to activate only those features in the area they are interested in during slow play times. All water will run through a full recirculation system ensuring water conservation.

Whether you visit the splashpad for a sprinkle or a soak, it will be the place to go for summer fun in the Universal City area. Keep up-to-date on the splashpad progress on the City of Universal City Facebook Page @UniversalCityTexas.