Paint A Fire Hydrant

The Universal City Fire Department invites the community to help them put a fresh coat of paint on fire hydrants in Universal City. UCFD will provide the supplies such as paint, paint brushes and wire brushes to help remove old chipping paint.

Here is the information you will need to complete the online registration form:

  • Select a fire hydrant(s) in your neighborhood. You will need an address or description of the location.
  • Make note if it is a single or triple attachment hydrant and if it has a missing or broken disk.
  • Get a group together and plan a painting day.
  • Fill out the application to sign-up for your selected hydrants and supplies. The UCFD will supply paint, paint brushes and wire brush. You will need to provide a drop cloth or cardboard to cover the ground.
  • Once you complete the form, a representative from the UCFD will contact you.

Triple Attachment Hydrant