Waste Service Schedule

Collection Schedule

Universal City residents receive trash pick up twice a week and recycling pickup once a week.

waste management

Questions regarding trash collection, please contact Waste Management.

Phone: 800-800-5804

Mon-Fri 8am -5pm

Chat: wm.com

Email: cssatex@wm.com 

Collection Guidelines

Trash is collected using an automated side load truck. The collection arm on the automated vehicles requires space to make the collections safely. Please review the following guideline to assist with collection.

  • WM Auto Trash ServiceAppropriate cart must be at the curb no later than 7:00 AM on scheduled collection day.
    • GREEN LID - Trash and Yard Waste
    • YELLOW LID - Recyclable Materials
  • The cart(s) must be placed on the street at least 4 feet (4’) away obstacles such as utility poles, mailboxes, trees, fire hydrants, and parked cars. Your service may be affected if a parked car is blocking the path to the cart(s). 
  • Once on the street, the handle on the cart must face your residence, and the lid should open towards the street.
  • If you have both recycling and trash service pick up on the same day, please place both carts at your curb leaving at least 4 feet (4’) of space between carts.
  • Do not overfill carts. The lid must be securely closed. Trucks will not service additional items outside the cart unless tagged with appropriate pink tag. 
  • Avoid placing rocks, dirt, and other heavy items in the cart. Carts that cannot be lifted will be left so the customer can redistribute the contents for the following week’s pickup.
  • Residents who have occasional excessive trash and yard waste can purchase pink tags at the Water Billing window which allows for the extra bags to be picked up by WM. Each additional bag must have a pink tag and placed next to the trash cart. Pink tags cannot be used for bulky items such as mattresses, furniture, etc. or hazardous waste. 
  • Residents can sign-up for an additional 96-gallon poly cart for a nominal monthly fee at the City Hall Water Billing window at 2150 Universal City Blvd, M-F, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. After the order has been processed, WM will deliver the additional poly cart in approximately 7 to 12 days. All carts come in a 96-gallon capacity.

Limited Alley Service

Only residences with a paved alley AND rear entry garage will receive alley pickup; all others will be curbside at the front of the residence. WM will deliver your trash carts to the same location it will do the collection. 

If your WM trash carts are delivered to your front curb, then you will have curbside service. If you have a paved alley AND rear entry garage, WM will deliver the trash carts to the alley. Additionally, the WM flyer attached to your WM trash carts will indicate if you have alley or front curbside service.