Borrow thousands of e-books and audiobooks from Universal City Public Library!


SimplyE is the app that gives you access to a nationwide ebook and digital audiobook library lending program. It’s easy to browse, borrow, and read any ebook or listen to any digital audiobook in our library’s collection on your mobile device. To get started, select one of the tabs below for how-to information for downloading the app. 

SimplyE is compatible with the following devices: 

Apple iOS

§Recommended: iOS 13+
§Minimum: iOS 10


§Recommended: Android 10 API 29 and above
§Minimum: Android 5.0 Lollipop (some users will still have issues if they cannot update their devices)

SimplyE is NOT compatible with the following devices:

§Any iOS devices using iOS 9.3.6 or older

§Any Android devices using Android 4.4.4 or older
§Nook e-readers
§Kindle e-readers and tablets

Kobo e-readers 

  1. SimplyE: Getting Started
  2. SimplyE: For IOS Devices
  3. SimplyE: For Android Devices
  4. SimplyE: Troubleshooting