Tactical Response Team

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
The Universal City Police Department participates in the Randolph Area Metro Emergency Response Team – this includes SWAT and Negotiators. This multi-jurisdictional team is comprise of specialized, highly-trained officer from Alamo Heights, Converse, Kirby, Live Oak, Selma, Windcrest, Judson Independent School District and Universal City police departments.

The primary goal of the team is to provide peaceful resolutions and protect lives during high risk police situations. Currently there is one Universal City police officer assigned to the response team and 2 others who are crisis negotiators. These officers are on call 24 hours a day to perform their team duties. Each participating city has assigned a high-ranking officer (chief, lieutenant, etc.) to serve as the incident commander over the team when operating in their respective city.
Officers assigned to the team receive extensive, continuing training in many areas including advanced special weapons and tactics (SWAT), high risk warrant service, barricaded subjects, hostage situations, and school violence scenarios. Since the goal of the team is to protect lives, several less lethal options (bean bag rounds, tear gas, etc.) are also available for use if necessary.

Crisis Negotiations
Universal City Police, in conjunction with seven other area police departments, make up a multi-agency tactical response team. This team includes eleven Crisis Negotiators, two from Universal City, who are trained to deal with suicide threats, barricaded subjects, hostage situation, etc.
The team has a dynamic communications vehicle, fully equipped, and maintained by the Converse Police Department. In addition, they have a state of the art “throw” phone, which aids in dealing with the aforementioned situations.
The team regularly participates in the annual Texas State University Negotiators Competition, where all their skills and training are tested during various scenarios by judges from around the country.