Amber Alert

Established in 1996, the AMBER Alert Plan is designated to enhance the community’s response
and assistance in the recovery of abducted children through local, state, and area-wide broadcasts of information related to the abducted child, the suspect (s) and/or the
suspect’s vehicle.

The plan has four objectives:
  1. To provide rapid response to the most serious child abduction cases.
  2. Gain assistance from thousands of travelers, TV viewers, radio listeners, and Internet surfers.
  3. To coerce the abductor to released the child for fear of being recognized and caught.
  4. To deter predators from abducting children where the plan exists.
If a child is abducted, the local media will be alerted and broadcast the AMBER alert.
When you see or hear the alert, please pay close attention to the information provided.

If you see the person, child or vehicle described in the alert, dial 911 and inform the
dispatcher of the incident.

Amber Alerts & Missing Child Alerts