The Records Division fulfills request for open records, background checks, business alarm permits, solicitor licenses, and parade permits.

Report Fees

Crash Report Purchases

Crash Reports - $6.00 

Incident Reports - $.10 per page

Business Alarm Permit - $25.00 yearly

Solicitor License - $35 + $2 per agent

Business Alarm Permits

The City of Universal City has amended and revised Ordinance 532 Chapter 3-6 Alarm Systems, effective November 1, 2022. According to the amended ordinance, residential alarm permits, and associated fees have been removed and are no longer required.  

To apply for a business alarm permit, submit an application online or visit us at the Police Dept.  Alarm Permit Application  (payment due within 10 days of submission) Review City Ordinance 532 for more information. 

Renew permits before December 31st of each year, to avoid additional fees and penalties.

Solicitor License

To ensure the safety, comfort, convenience and protection of citizens of Universal City, the city established Ordinance 111, which regulates door-to-door sales and solicitation. If you have an organization that desires to go door-to-door or solicit within the city, it is required that you adhere to City Ordinance 111. Visit Solicitor License. Licenses expire every 90 days. 

*Online Public Open Records Request

*Intergovernmental Transfer Records Request