Deferred Disposition Application

Universal City Municipal Court
Request for Deferred Disposition

The court finds that , Defendant, _________________________________________________ pleads
(guilty)(no contest) to the offense of ________________________________________, and that the
punishment has been set a fine of $ _______________ including court costs.

However, under the authority of Article 45.051, Code of Criminal Procedure, the court orders
that the imposition of the fine is deferred for a period of three months.

Conditions of Deferred Disposition

Defendant shall:
1. Post a bond of $_____________to secure payment of the special expense fee and court costs;
2. Not currently be under probation with Universal City Municipal Court;
3. Not be subsequently convicted of an offense committed after the date of this order to wit: any violation incurred in Universal City, Texas during the above stated deferral period, regardless of final conviction date.
4. Defendants under 25 years of age shall sucessfully complete an approved driving safety course within the deferral period and return certificate to court by the 90th day.

Violation of any of the above conditions shall constitute a violation of this agreement.

If Defendant successfully complies with the conditions of the agreement, then this case shall
be DISMISSED by the court and shall NOT be reported as a conviction, but a special
expense fee of $______________(not to exceed amount of fine) will be collected. Failure to
comply shall cause this case to result in a CONVICTION and the conviction will be reported
as required by law.

Agreed to and signed this the day of ___________________________, 20____ .

Defendant’s signature _______________________________________________

Municipal Court Judge _______________________________________________
Universal City Municipal Court


I, __________________________________ , request the Universal City Municipal Court to apply
the bond I posted as a condition of deferred disposition to be applied at the end of my deferral
period to the special expense fee assessed by the judge.

Signature _______________________________________

Date ___________________________________________