Universal City Dog Park

 Aina Blake Dog Park

The Universal City Dog Park was officially opened to the public on June 4, 2011 and has been an instant success allowing a place for dog owners to let their pets run free safely and legally without a leash. The 1.3 acre park is located directly next to the Universal City Animal Care and Control Facility at 134 Athenian Drive.

dog at the park

The park features a separate play area for large dogs and for small dogs. Each play area has waste collection and disposal facilities, water stations on concrete pads as well as drinking fountains. To help keep you cool during those hot Texas days there are three shade structures with picnic benches underneath located throughout the park.

Dog Park Rules

The cooperation and self-monitoring of dog owners is crucial to the success of any dog park. In order to create a safe and positive environment for people and dogs, all dog owners/handlers are encouraged to please follow the rules.

dog park rules

If you choose to bring your children to the dog park, they must be closely supervised at all times. Be sure to teach your children how to properly behave in a dog park environment. Unsupervised children and playful, unleashed dogs could result in an injury. Children should not run around or approach dogs they do not know.

Remember, at no time do we allow dogs that are:

  • Sick
  • Aggressive
  • In-heat females
  • Without current rabies vaccinations

Dogs which reside in Universal City must obtain a City license, please contact Animal Control for more information at (210) 658-0700.

Immediately report any bite or attack to Animal Control at (210) 658-0700. If after hours, please call Police Dispatch at (210) 658-5353 or in case of emergency, please call 911.

For a complete set of Dog Park Rules click here