Animal Services

Animal Control Complaints/Investigations

Animal Control Officers are responsible for protecting the health and safety of our citizens and their pets. Universal City Animal Ordinance requires all dogs and cats to be physically restrained at all times by means of a leash or fence, even while on the home owners property.  All pet owners are asked to be "responsible pet owners" and ensure that their pet does not become a nuisance to neighbors. Animal Control will investigate suspected animal law violations.

Animal Control Officers will investigate all animal welfare issues including health, living conditions, abuse, cruelty, neglect, abandonment, animals running at-large, and any other concern observed by citizens. Additionally, Animal Control will investigate all animal bites, aggressive animals, animals without proper shelter, food, or water and barking complaints.

To report any animal welfare concerns or violations, please call our office at (210) 658-0700.

Potential Rabies Exposure - Animal Bites or Scratches

Texas Law requires that every potential rabies exposure, such as animal bites and scratches, to people involving domestic animals (dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.) and/or wildlife must be reported to Animal Care & Control.

Animal bites and scratches should be taken very seriously. Your animal may have been exposed to the rabies virus by contact with a stray animal or wildlife such as a bat or raccoon and may need to be isolated. If the incident is reported promptly to Animal Care & Control an ACO can attempt to capture the other animal involved and have the animal tested for rabies or quarantined.

To report animal bites and scratches call:

Animal Care & Control
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, and 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of each month, 8am-3pm
(210) 658-0700

If after business hours, call the Universal City Police Department at (210) 658-5353. Any human life threatening situations, call 911.