Responsible Pet Ownership

If you are looking to adopt, and even if you already own a pet, ask yourself if you are able to fulfill your obligations as a responsible pet owner. Read and become familiar with the animal control ordinances which are in place to protect you, your pet and the citizens within our community.

Take time to consider:
  1. All dogs and cats in Universal City are required by law to have and wear a City license and rabies tag.
  2. Keep fences and enclosures well maintained to prevent your dog from getting out and becoming a public nuisance.
  3. We all know dogs bark, this a fact, but don't let your pet disturb your neighbors by excessive, continuous barking especially at night. You will need to figure out why he is barking first and then set out to stop this behavior. You can find numerous web sites which will help teach you how to train your dog to stop this behavior.
  4. No dog or cat is allowed to roam freely in Universal City. Avoid citations and keep your pet in a enclosure or on a leash.
  5. Please make sure your dog has protection from the elements year round and provide it daily with fresh water and food.
  6. Your dog deserves and needs attention. Don't just let him be a "backyard" dog.
  7. Please do your part to help reduce the number of homeless, unwanted dogs and cats and have your pet spayed or neutered.
  8. Don't let your pet suffer from a terrible disease which could be prevented. Your pet needs yearly shots and vaccinations.
  9. Don't let your pet, home and yard become infested with fleas. Use preventative measures and prevent flea and tick infestation.
  10. Clean and dispose of pet waste in a sanitary manner.
Remember pet ownership is not just a privilege, but a responsibility.