Floodplain Map

Floodplain Map of Universal City

This page serves as a gateway to floodplain information for the City of Universal City.

Areas which are not shaded represent the "Zone X - Unshaded" zone. These are areas which FEMA does not recognize as high hazard zones for flooding.

Orange colored areas represent the "Zone X - Shaded" zone. This zone corresponds to areas which have a 0.2% annual chance of flooding based upon historical data. The 0.2% annual chance zone has traditionally been called the 500 year floodplain.

Areas in red and purple represent the Special Flood Hazard Area or alternatively "Zones A or AE." These areas carry a 1% annual chance of being flooded. These are the areas that have traditionally been called the 100 year floodplain. These are considered high risk areas where flooding commonly occurs. Although called the 100 year floodplain, it is important to understand that these areas typically flood multiple times within a 100 year span of time. Federally-backed mortgage lenders are legally required to ensure that structures within the 1% zone are insured by the National Flood Insurance Program because these structures are at a much higher risk for flooding.

As a potential borrower you should be aware of the flooding risks associated with these high hazard areas.

Areas shown in purple are also said to be in the floodway. The floodway represents areas which essentially correspond to the channel of a stream or river and are areas which nearly always flood. They are the highest risk areas and should be avoided.

This web map contains visual and textual information about relative flood risk within your community and is provided as a public service. Clicking on a map feature will activate a pop-up in the map which conveys additional information about that feature. Items with additional information include streams, lakes, ponds, and flood zones. Typing an address in the search bar above the map will approximately locate that address.

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