Technology Services

Public Computers

The Library offers access to public computers in the computer lab during normal hours on a first-come-first-served basis. There are 10 Windows workstations for adults and 3 Windows workstations for children. Login requires a library card in good standing or a guest pass. 

Wi-Fi Access

We offer free public Wi-Fi throughout the library facility and into the library parking lot 24/7. The network name is UCPL Guest and the password to access the Wi-Fi is UCTXis#1. 

Printing & Scanning

The library offers self-service printing and scanning at our document station located in the computer lab. Print jobs can be sent to the self-service station using one of the library computers OR from your own devices using our wireless printing option. Anything not sent to the printer approximately 10 minutes before closing will not print. Printing transactions are credit card/debit card only. 


The library offers outgoing fax services to the public only. Faxing is self-service and is available through the document station located in the computer lab and closes 30 minutes prior to closing time. Faxing is limited to 10 pages maximum. Faxing transactions are set-up through the self-serve kiosk and are credit card/debit card only. The library does not accept cash, coin, or checks for faxing. 


The library has gone cashless! The self-service printing and faxing machines are credit card/debit card only. A standard card fee of 4% is added to the total cost. The library does not accept cash, coin, or checks for printing. 

  • B/W prints are $0.15 per page.
  • Color prints are $0.50 per page. 
  • Faxing is $1.00 per page. 10 pages maximum. 
  • Scanning service is free to e-mail, USB drive, smartphone or tablet device.