Mobile Print Service

The library offers Mobile Print Service which allows you to print wirelessly from any mobile device, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Printing costs per page are $0.15 for B/W; $0.50 for Color. The library only offers 8.5" by 11" page size. 

There are two (2) ways to send print jobs to the Library's printer: 

  1. Web Portal Method - best for printing documents and photos 
  2. Email Address Method - best for printing emails or email attachments 

Pick-up your document and pay at the Print-Release Terminal in the computer lab at the library within 24 hours. Anything that has been sent to the Print Release after 24 hours is automatically deleted by the system. Credit card/debit card only is accepted. The library does not accept cash, coin, or check for prints. 

Web Portal Method

The library offers the ability to upload and print your documents at the wireless printer via the web portal.

You can submit documents remotely via the library's web portal and pick them up at the library. Click here for printing instructions.  

Mobile Printing Web Portal Picture

E-mail Address Method

This method is best used to print emails and email attachments. To print an email message or email attachment, forward or send an email to one of the addresses below: 

  1. Black & White Prints:
  2. Color Prints: