Food Service Establishments

Health Safety
The City of Universal City actively pursues the health and welfare of all citizens by routinely inspecting food establishments, mobile food units, commercial swimming pools, day care centers and foster care facilities as necessary.

Food Establishments include restaurants, retail stores, day care centers, mobile and temporary food vendors.

In order to be approved to start a restaurant business in the City of Universal City, the facility must comply with the list of Certificate of Occupancy requirements.

In order to be approved for a Mobile Food Permit and a Late Night Mobile Food Permit in the City of Universal City, the unit must comply with the Requirements and Application for a Mobile Food Unit and carry liability insurance not less then $50,000 per person and $250,000 per occurrence. 

Food and Beverage Permits and Mobile Food Unit Permits are required to be updated annually and may be applied for at City Hall, 2150 Universal City Blvd in the Development Services Department by submitting the Food and Beverage Establishment Permit Application and, if applicable, the Plan Review Application for Food Establishments.

Risk based inspections are conducted on all food establishments to determine if the preparation, service, and display of food and beverage products are handled to meet the standards of the 2015 Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER). Every Food Establishment and Mobile Food Unit is required to have at least one (1) full-time Certified Food Manager with a valid Universal City Health Card. Food employees preparing or handling foods, beverages and exposed utensils are required to obtain Food Handler Certification. Information for these classes can be found on this link.

Inspection & Risk Factor
Routine inspections are unannounced and performed at regular intervals throughout the year based on risk category. Risk levels include low, moderate and high risk with routine inspections conducted once, twice and three times a year depending on the establishment’s risk level.

Establishment scoring is based on specific violation values assigned to each violation. There are three (3) violation types:

  • Priority Items (3 Points)
  • Priority Foundation Items (2 Points)
  • Core Items (1 Point)
Priority Items includes provisions that contribute directly to the elimination, prevention or reduction of hazards associated with foodborne illnesses or injury to an acceptable level. Includes items with a quantifiable measure to show control of hazards such as cooking, reheating, cooling and handwashing.

Priority Foundation Items are improper practices and actions that directly contribute to food contamination and temperature abuse that may pose an immediate risk to public health resulting in a foodborne illness or injury. Priority Foundation Items require the purposeful incorporation of specific actions, equipment or procedures by the establishment's Management to control the risk factors that contribute to foodborne illness or injury.

Core ltems are unacceptable practices that normally relate to general sanitation, operational controls, sanitation operating procedures (SOPs) facilities or structures, equipment design or general maintenance.

Grading Scale
Restaurant scores range from a letter grade of an “A” to “C”. The grading scale is as follows:
A for 0-9 demerits
B for 10-19 demerits
C for 20 demerits or higher

Establishments with imminent health hazards such as no water, sewage, electrical, gross and unsanitary conditions and/or infestations will be subject for closure. The Food Permit will be reinstated upon correction of the health hazard.

Forms and Information Packets

Barehand Contact of Ready-to-Eat Foods

Doble Lavado de Manos

Double Handwash Procedure

Food & Beverage Permit Application

Food Establishment Self-Inspection Checklist

Food Handler Courses (ANSI Accredited)

Food Hierarchy Chart

Food Manager Courses

How to Get an A

Letter on Grading

Open a Business

Pest Management

Proper Cooling of Food

Thawing Procedure

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