Food Manager and Handler Training

Food Manager Training Progam
The 2015 Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER) requires food establishments (restaurants, daycares, schools, mobile units classified as kitchen-on-wheels) to employ one (1) fulltime Certified Food Manager. Upon successful completion of the state accredited Food Manager Training Program, the Food Manager must obtain a Universal City (UC) Health card.

To obtain a UC Food Manager card, contact the Health Official at or 210-659-0333 x 727 to schedule an appointment. No walk-ins will be accommodated.

At the time of the appointment, bring a copy of the certificate of completion and a Driver’s License to City Hall located at 2150 Universal City Blvd. The fee for the card is $15.00 payable in cash, credit card, debit card or money order. Checks will not be accepted.

Food Handler Training Program
The City of Universal City requires all employees of food establishments (permanent and mobile) to complete an ANSI accredited Food Handler’s Class.

Food employees must complete the ANSI accredited Food Handler Training within 30 days of employment. Each employee MUST print out a certificate of completion at the end of the training course which MUST be kept on file at the establishment. The certificates will be reviewed by the Health Official at the time of inspection. A facility with incomplete training records and expired certificates will be found in violation of the Food Handler requirement and may be subject to Administrative fines of up to $200.00 per offense.

Effective immediately, the UC Health cards will no longer be issued to ANSI Certified Food Handlers per Senate Bill (SB) 582 of the 84th Legislature (2015).

Concerns or questions

relating to health safety training may be submitted via email at In the event that you would like to speak with someone directly, contact the City Hall at 210-659-0333 ext 727. As always, if it is an emergency situation call 911.