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Open Records Request

  1. Texas Public Information Act Information Request*

    For guidance regarding your rights as a requestor and the public information procedures adopted by this governmental body, you may review the governmental body’s notice required under section 552.205 of the Government Code. You can find additional Public Information Act resources on the Office of the Attorney General's website

    The Texas Public Information Act prohibits a government body from inquiring into a requestor's reason or motive for requesting information. The Act permits a governmental body to establish proper identification (Photo ID is required prior to record release.)

    1.  A record request is filled in the course of a normal city business day and not necessarily "upon demand," depending upon the scope of the record request and record availability and research time.

    2.  My request is limited to the information in existence at the time and on the day my request is received.

    3.  The City has no duty to answer questions or create documents to respond to a request pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act.

    4.  Certain information held by the City may be confidential as a matter of law or may be excluded from public disclosure when applying various provisions of the Texas Public Information Act.

    5.  Cost for a record varies upon scope of request and is payable prior to pickup/mailing. If the request is extensive, PREPAYMENT MAY APPLY.

    Please Note: If the information requested is unclear or if a large amount of information is requested you may be contacted to discuss clarifying or narrowing your request. There may be charges associated with production of the requested information.

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