Winter Sewer Averaging

Residential sewer charges are based on the average water consumption over three billing periods beginning mid-November through mid-March. During the winter months, residential customers use much less water which results in lower sewer fees in the following year. During the winter averaging months, residents are encouraged to reduce water usage to result in the lowest sewer rate possible. Please utilize the interactive map to determine when the water averaging period is for your neighborhood. 

Water avg button copy

Follow these steps to keep your water consumption as low as possible:

• Keep lawn and landscape watering to a minimum

• Repair any water leaks indoors and outdoors as soon as possible

• Install high efficiency toilets and low-flow shower heads

In the event that you have a water leak during the averaging months, you can appeal your newly assessed fees. To receive consideration, submit your request in writing along with any plumbing repair receipts to Water Billing Department. Your request must be received as soon as repairs are made or immediately after your first newly assessed fee which will reflect on your April or May 2022 water utility bill.

Please contact Universal City Utility Department with any questions, 210.659.0333 option 2.

Area and Reading Route #
(The first two digits of your account number is your route number.)
Dates for Reading
Routes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06
Aviation/Universal City Subdivision, Cibolo Bluffs, Golden Pond,
Parkview Estates, Red Horse Ridge
November 16- February 16
Routes 07, 08, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
Golden Oaks, Heritage Hills, Park Olympia, Oro De Coronado,
Red Horse Manor, Rose Garden, Sunrise Canyon, Orchard Park
November 23-February 23
Routes 09, 10 ,11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18
Copano Ridge, Cimarron/Live Oak Village, Coronado,
Emelia, Meadow Oaks, Springwood, Remington 
December 2-March 2
Routes 19, 20, 21
Forum Creek, Olympia
December 9-March 9