Water Conservation Programs & Rebates

Residential Rebates

Homeowners who are Universal City customers can get great rebates by taking steps to conserve water.

"CLEAN UP IN THE WASH" Receive a rebate for purchasing and installing an *approved water and energy efficient washing machine.

*To qualify the washing machine must be rated Tier 2 or higher by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. For a list of approved washing machines CLICK HERE.

"KICK THE CAN" Receive a rebate when you install a new low-flow toilet.


Qualified multi-family accounts can receive water conservation fixtures. To find out more CLICK HERE.

Toilet Flappers

Make sure you install the correct replacement flapper on your specific model of toilet. Find the right replacement image007flapper by CLICKING HERE.

Water Saving Tips and Ideas

Discover ways to conserve water in and around your home and save money while doing it. CLICK HERE to learn more.