Plumbing Contractors

  • Contractor registration is required for all plumbing contractors but an annual registration fee will not be assessed.
  • A driver's license copy is required.
  • A Texas State License (non-TCEQ) copy is required. 
  • A bond or Certificate of Insurance is required with Universal City named as the Certificate Holder. 
  • A Subcontractor Verification Letter is required for any plumbing contractor that is going to be listed as a subcontractor for a General Contractor or a Home Improvement Contractor for any project in the City of Universal City.
  • A backflow form is required.
Universal City is under the 2021 International Codes.  The City's additions and exceptions are available online as well.  Some projects and repairs may trigger the requirement for Carbon Monoxide Alarms.  These alarms must be installed prior to the final inspection by the Building Official.

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