Roofing companies are required to register with the City of Universal City even if they are already registered with another city in the area.  ALL roof projects require a permit, even minor roof repairs; however, a permit application for roof projects is not required. Instead, roofing companies are required to submit a copy of the contract that it has with the homeowner.  The contract should be signed and include the homeowner's name and address, the scope of the work including the number of squares, and a dollar value for the project.  This contract is used to issue permits.

Homeowners can pull a permit for a roofing project. HOWEVER, this makes the homeowner 100% responsible for the project.  The City would not have vetted the company for financial wherewithal, would not have its insurance information, and would not know whether the company owner has a criminal history.

This Residential Roofing Bulletin lays out a few of the items inspected by the Building Official on residential roof projects.  The 2021 International Residential Code provides further detail for roofing projects in Universal City.  Additionally, it is the responsibility of the contractor to insure that all the roof exhaust vents are upgraded.  Roof exhaust vents are determined by the manufacturer's specification for each appliance.  It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure the correct vent is installed and meets the manufacturer's specification and all connections are maintained from the discharge of the appliance to the point of termination. 

Roof projects and repairs may trigger the requirement for Carbon Monoxide Alarms.  These alarms must be installed prior to the final roof inspection by the City inspector.

Roofing companies are advised that if the application for registration on file with the City of Universal City is more than 5 years old, that a new application, to include new references, will be required at the time of renewal. The review of the new application, the verification of references, and the review of the STATE criminal history search data may take up to 5 to 7 working days for processing by the Building Official. To expedite the review process, please ensure that all references include phone numbers.

All Contractor applications shall require a copy of a recent criminal history search through the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) [DPS].  If your drivers license is not issued by the State of Texas, you will be required to obtain a criminal history search from the issuing State.  A recent STATE criminal history search is required for each applicant, partner, or corporate officer for the general contracting business on whose behalf the application is submitted. Be advised that these entities charge a nominal fee for this service.

Thank you for cooperating with the City as it updates files and works to ensure a safe and quality environment for its residents.

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