Humane Traps

Universal City Animal Care & Control (UCACC) will loan out humane traps to residents and business owners of Universal City who have a problem with stray cats or wildlife.  

A trap rental agreement will need to be completed and a deposit of $60.00 is required. The staff will be happy to provide you with food and show you how to set the trap.

Trapped animals, except skunks and raccoons should be transported to Animal Care & Control. If you have trapped a skunk or raccoon, please do not move the trap. Skunks and raccoons are considered high risk animals for carrying rabies and we do not want you exposed. Please call our office at 658-0700 and we will have an ACO pick up the trap and take care of these animals for you. Citations may be issued to persons illegally transporting these animals. If you are unable to transport any other trapped animal to our facility, please call our office and we will arrange a pickup for the trap.

Trapping rules and City ordinances must be followed when setting City traps or for residents who set their own trap.
  • Do not set traps during bad weather raining, freezing (32 degrees or below) or very hot weather (100 degrees and higher).
  • Do not set traps after 3 pm on Fridays.
  • Traps may be reset on Sunday evenings after 7 pm weather permitting and provided Monday is not a holiday.
  • Do not set traps the day before a holiday. You may set traps after 7 pm the next day. 
  • City Ordinance requires that traps be checked every 8 hours.
  • If you need to request a pick up for the trapped animal, please call our office at 658-0700.
Animal Care and Control urges our residents to help reduce the number of unwanted, homeless cats in our neighborhoods. Please trap stray or feral cats around your home. These cats will breed and produce kittens which will add to the pet overpopulation crisis. Shelters are already bursting at the seams; we simply have too many homeless, unwanted animals and not enough good, caring homes.