Lost and Found

If your pet becomes lost, contact Animal Care and Control at (210) 658-0700 as soon as possible and make a report of your lost pet. We highly recommend that you come by our shelter and look for and identify a lost pet. 

If your pet is not at our facility, contact all the surrounding animal shelters, your pet may have wandered further away from home than you might think or it could be possible that your pet was picked up by someone and taken to a different facility.

When an animal enters our facility, the animal is immediately checked for any form of identification such as a collar with pet license tag, rabies tag, or a microchip. The shelter staff will attempt to contact the owners.  It is important to keep your pets records updated with current contact information.

The holding times for animals are from 0-5 days, depending on the animal's condition and temperament.  Unclaimed animals which have been deemed adoptable will be placed for adoption.

If any animal is determined to be suffering from disease or injury that places the animal in pain or beyond reasonable medical help, the animal may be euthanized immediately.