Boards and Commissions


The City Council of Universal City has established boards and commissions of qualified volunteers who take part in the decision-making process. These boards and commissions help reduce the cost of basic city services and contribute to the city by getting involved in the community in which they live. They are not compensated for this work – it is done out of a sense of helping and contributing to the city.

Members are appointed in July of each year by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the majority of the city council. Membership terms are usually two years. All board and commission members must be residents of Universal City and not serving on any other city board, unless authorized by its enabling ordinance. Some city boards are quasi-judicial in nature while others are advisory.

Quasi-judicial Boards and Commissions

The term quasi-judicial is a term that refers to boards or commissions that apply laws to a particular set of facts or circumstances to reach a decision. The decision is quasi-judicial because the government body is taking an action similar to that taken by a judge. Oversight of the quasi-judicial boards and commissions is provided by the city council.

The quasi-judicial entities for Universal City are the Board of Adjustment, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Industrial Development Corporation.

Advisory Boards and Commissions

Advisory boards and commissions are defined generally as fact finding and recommending. The volunteers on these boards act as public servants to help identify and understand issues that impact the city’s continued growth and direction. These boards are usually assigned a specific responsibility or area of inquiry.

The advisory boards in Universal City include the Golf and Conference Center Committee, the Library Advisory Commission, and the Parks and Recreation Commission.

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