Home Improvement

Residents often wonder if they need a permit to conduct repairs on their home, put a shed in the back yard, or repair or replace their fence or roof. In most cases, the answer is YES. The International Residential Code allows that all construction on homes and commercial structures must meet a minimum building and safety requirement. To ensure that the minimum standards are met, a permit must be issued and an inspection must be conducted of the work that was done.

Rule of Thumb

If the intent is to make your house prettier (paint, carpet, flooring, counter tops, planting of trees and shrubs) then you don't need a permit. Anything beyond pretty will require a permit and inspection.

Sheds, decks, patio covers, carports, fences, re-roof work, and room enclosures and additions must also meet the minimum standards. Additionally, these types of structures must be placed so that they do not impede the setbacks and the maximum lot coverage. It is best to speak with Development Services before embarking on a project of this magnitude.

Permits and information can be obtained by the homeowner or the contractor through the Development Services Department. Development Services is located at City Hall at 2150 Universal City Blvd. Office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The phone number is (210) 659-0333 ext 723, 725, or 720.